January 11, 2013

Catrice New SS2013

I recently found out that Catrice will be changing a part of their products in February 2013. I'm really excited about that, so I decided to mention what products I think look promising and which ones I'll probably end up buying. You can see the whole assortment with prices on Chic Profile.

1) Absolute Eye Color Quattro Eyeshadow (Before or after eight?) – €4.49

All three quattro eye shadows look very nice. But I'll probably only buy the last one on the picture. It's a nice mixture of purple and red shades that you can use for layering and look great with hazel or green eyes. There's also some blue in there, great for a contrast in make up.

2) Smokey Eyes Set – €4.49 and Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette – €4.99

I'm really excited about these two. I love purple eye shadows  plus they look good with green eyes. That's why it's a great idea to have a whole smokey eye set. It makes it much easier to take it with you wherever you go and I need that because I always carry make up from my to my BF house.

The nude palette is an obvious answer to all other ones that have been out there for quite some time now. I hope this will be pigmented enough. In any case, I'm planning on buying the MUA Undressed Palette too, as soon as they come into stock in any Slovene online stores. 

3) Re-Touch Light Reflecting Concealer – €3.99

These products are a necessity if you want to create an interesting make up. I will decide on the Smokey Eyes Pencil when I see it in person, but will probably not buy it. Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen looks very promising, but I already have two eyeliner pens which I rarely use because I never learnt how to make a proper line on the eye. 

The most promising from the bunch is the Re-Touch Light Reflecting Concealer. I'll have to be careful though because it comes in only 3 different shades and it's sometimes difficult to choose the correct one.

4) Eyebrow Filler – Perfecting & Shaping Gel – €3.49

I'm looking forward to using this. I recently bought a transparent eyebrow perfecter and I must admit it shapes my eyebrows very nicely. This one is coloured, which is another added bonus. 

I don't know about the waterproof top coat. I'll probably leave it in the store because I wouldn't use it enough.

5) Prime & Fine Eyeshadow Base – €3.99

I've been using the bigger version of this for the whole face and it's great. It's true I only use it on special occasions, but I think I'd use eye primer more. I already own one from Essence, but it's quite yellow in colour and I'm not sure it doesn't change the colour of the eye shadows I apply after it.

6) BB All Round Foundation SPF 30 – 30 ml – €5.99

This is the last product I'm really excited about. I will try this one out in the summer because of the SPF 30. Although it's not necessary, I always apply a BB cream over the cream I normally use and I hope I will be able to do that with this one as well. 

To sum it up, I don't know if there ever was such a great number of products I would buy when replacing Catrice products. That's why I find it so exciting. But I better start saving. If I only buy products mentioned in this post, I will spend 31.43€. It's not a lot to spend on make up, but I am trying to save up a bit. Summer will be here before you know it.

Source: www.chicprofile.com


  1. Me prav zanima kakšna bo tale nude paletka!

    1. Tudi mene. Vsekakor jo nameravam preizkusit in upam, da čimprej pride v Slo :)