January 31, 2013

Austria Wishlist

In the following months, I will have the opportunity to visit Austria again. Of course, the main purpose of the visit will be shopping. :) I live quite far away from the border, so this will really be an all day trip.

Right now, I'm making a list of where to go and what to buy in order to make my trip as effective as possible. On my wishlist are things that you cannot get in Slovenia or the ones that are cheaper in Austria. If you have any ideas what else can be bought in or around Graz that you can't get in Slovenia and if you know any cool stores, please let me know.

1) Ikea - the main reason for my visit. I've already visited it a few times and I always buy something new. They have great selection and the prices are really low. My whole kitchen was equipped with things from Ikea. Pots, pans, spatulas, graters, whisks ... The list could go on forever.

2) The Body Shop - I loved this brand ever since I bought one of their body butters in one of the duty free airport shops. When I was in England I raided the shop and I plan to do the same this time. My wishlist contains quite a few products from this store.
3) Müller - I've heard that their offer is quite bigger in other countries, so I'm planning to visit this store too, although we also have it in Slovenia. A lot of bloggers have been raving about Maybelline and Revlon products you can't buy in Slovenia, so I'll be sure to check these out.

So, once again... if you have any other places you visit regularily when you go shopping to Austria, please let me know. I only visit Austria once or twice a year, so I would appreciate your suggestions.

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