January 24, 2013

New in 2

I can't believe the fact that there are sales going on and all I buy is make up and accessories. :s I can't help it, but I don't like anything on sale right now. At least, I should  be happy at the end of the month when I'll receive my bank statement. :)

Here are some beauties I bought in Müller.

Recently I've been watching some make up tutorials and I decided to try out applying loose powder. Some bloggers really recommend it, but I've never tried it before because I rarely use powder anyway. That is why I decided to buy some cheap loose powder and a brush to try it out. If I'll get used to it, I'll probably wear it for some evening outings.

And right next to trying out loose powders are my attempts at applying liquid foundation in some other way. So far I've been using the sponges in the picture, but now I bought myself a brush and will try to do it the way Fatalna did in her video.

So, here are Body & Soul powder brush, Body & Soul make-up sponges and QVS perfection brush

Here's the loose powder I decided to buy: Manhattan Soft Mat Loose Powder. The other two things are Essence Vintage District LE nail polish Get Arty and Essence decoration kit.

And for the end, some jewellery. Three pairs of earrings and a ring. The first earrings were bought in DM and the other ones in C&A. They are all priced from 4€ to 12€.

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