December 21, 2012

New in: Sales

Yep, the sales have already started in some stores. Although the official date is January 7th, there are those that offer discounts much earlier. And this makes me happy :) That is why I bought this jacket in New Yorker. I've been watching it for some time, but because it was quite pricey (49.95€) and I already own something similar, I left it at the store. Up until it was reduced to only 14.95€.

Similarly, I have seen this pullover in H&M before, but 24.95€ seemed too much for yet another gray pullover. 10€ is just the right price in my opinion. Plus, I love the fact the neckline isn't too revealing. I need such clothes for work.

But then when I came to the register they got me on the oldest shopping trick in the book. I saw a box with these amazing nail polishes. And although I really don't need them, I just had to buy them. I'm not sorry though. They look very promising.

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