December 04, 2012

Nature and animals

Here are some more pictures from my camera. I try to make them as interesting as it gets, so please tell me if you like them.

This tree has been around for ages. This year, the first snow broke its branches. And there's nobody to fix it. It doesn't matter, they can just leave it like this.

I accompanied my mum to the forest to gather some moss for this Christmas' Nativity Scene. I love this kind of moss, but sadly it doesn't last long one you bring it home. So I just left it there to grow and to give shelter to a strange mushroom.

This is how the forest looks in black and white. In the summer there will be lots and lots of blueberries here.

When I got home I saw that my cat caught a beautiful little bird. That's the nature's way of doing it, too.

And finally, those two cannot cheat. You can see they are related the first time they raise their paws. :D

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