March 20, 2013


Do you know the feeling when you see something so very beautiful online and realise you can't have it because it isn't sold in your country? Well, that happens to me a lot. 

Last december, I started dreaming about China Glaze - Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away nailpolish called Trap-eze. 

So, I ordered it online in an online shop called nailetc and it was supposed to come from the USA. I ordered it mid-December an realised in January that it's been a month and that I haven't received my package. So I wrote to the store and they were so kind that they sent the package one more time. Then, mid-February... I was still waiting in vain. The staff at nailetc was very nice, they answered my emails promptly and in the end, they refunded my money. I still have no idea what has happened to my nailpolish.

You can probably guess how disappointed I was when I didn't receive what I wanted, but finally, I said "to hell with it" and decided to make my first frankenpolish.

Those are polishes that you mix together in order to get a new one. I bought a cheap Joy nailpolish at Müller (for less than 1 €) and Essence Circus Confetti. I poured almost half of the Joy nailpolish away and poured some Essence one in. I tried to mix it a bit, but it didn't really work, the polishes mixed only at the top, but it doesn't really matter. If I'll run out of glitter I can always add more Circus Confetti. 

This is how the new frankenpolish looks like on my nails. Pretty darn close to the original, wouldn't you say?



  1. Super si se znašla ;) Sam franken izgleda pa zelo lepo, podoben nekaterim lakom dražjih znamk ki sem jih videla na netu :)

    1. Hvala. Ja čist dosti mi je bilo čakanja. Čeprav ponavadi ne maram "packanja", ker mi stvari ne uspejo, je tokrat fajn ratalo.

  2. Lovely nail polishes!!! First time here on your blog. :)