April 09, 2013

Figs & Rouge Cherry Blossom Hand Cream Review

I was very happy when I saw this product in Slovene stores a month or so ago. So I decided to buy all three hand creams available and I couldn't resist a lip balm as well. Cherry Blossom is the first hand cream of this brand I started using.

The packaging is really cute and I think it's one of the reasons I decided to buy this. The other is great blog reviews of the product. I also liked the tube, which looks like it's made of metal, but actually it's made from some plastic material, so you don't have any trouble when the tube's almost empty. Cherry Blossom has a slight scent, but you have to be really close to be able to smell it, so I was a bit disappointed, because I expected a stronger scent. I also expected the cream to be of somewhat thicker consistency. That's why I actually didn't like it at first. When you apply it, it sinks into the skin rally quickly which was a bit strange at first, because I'm used to heavy creams that leave a film on your hands and need time to sink in. On the other hand, I have doubts on how moisturising this product really is. The nourishing feeling you get disappears quickly, so I vote against repurchasing this. I'd give it 2.5 points form 5.


  1. Ta krema tako lepo dišii :) ampak je malce predraga... jaz jo v roku parih dni porabim :) hehe

    1. Res? Meni pa kar ostaja... Sploh nič pametnega ne naredi za moje roke, nekako preredka je. Ampak diši pa res lepo :)

  2. S temi kremami za roke je vedno en križ. Običajno kreme v najlepših embalažah in najdražjih cenovnh razredih ne naredijo RES nič pametnega. Tako da bi kar verjela, čeprav tale ni med najdražjimi.

  3. ful lepo pakiranje, škoda, ker ni ravno nekaj.. si mi pa prihranila denar, ker padam na lepe embalaže :D

  4. super kremca!! :)